Monday FBSR - Fat Burner, Slow Ride



Monday FBSR - Fat Burner, Slow Ride

This is basically a recovery ride after the long weekend rides that we do, the slow pace allows the legs to recover faster (faster than just resting) with this “active” recovery.  

Also the body burns fat predominantly as the main source of fuel at lower heart rates, and as we all know, being lean is not only healthy, and that you look better, but you are also lighter and faster on the bike.

This ride starts in the Milford Carpark and we do laps of Pupuke lake, from 7.30pm till 9pm (or till you have had enough, your call)

Not only is this a good recovery ride, the circuit with bike lanes (especially Shakespeare road) is wide enough to allow conversations, and a chance to practice techniques, like spinning, or check out your stroke, dead spots, etc, or general bike set up with friends.  

If you have not ridden a bike much, this is a good ride to start on, the pace being a recovery ride (18-22k average) is light and it’s a good chance to ride with more experienced riders, and gain confidence, and pick up tips with riding with others .See map for details

The law states, You MUST have at least 1 front & 1 back light, we recommend 2 of each, “be safe, be seen”

For more information, or updates on cancellations (ie weather), phone or text Gervase 027-283-1937

Tuesday Albany Loop


Tuesday Albany Loop

Time,,6-7 pm ,A fun ride for all ,,See map for details Length: 10-15 laps, approximately.
Duration: 1.5 hours. 6pm - 7pm.
Level: All levels (suitable for all ages and abilities)

Wednesday Knight Ride

Wednesday Knight Ride

Starting from the Milford Carpark, the ride is usually of a medium to fast pace, average 24-30k.  Like all our rides and our philosophy, we do not dictate to others how to “be” or what to do, we are all friends who share a passion of cycling, and as such we all want to enjoy it. These rides all have set points where we wait, for all riders to catch up and reassemble before we carry on. Sometimes the pace may be fast, but NO one gets left behind, and usually we stay together.

This ride has been in existence for approximately 7 years, (since 2005) so to date we have at least 3 different courses that are decided by the R.O.A.D.I.E.S. (Riders Onsite And Demanding Instant Exercise Satisfaction) that is YOU and everyone else who attends. Usually the most ridden / preferred course is number (1)

(1)Our traditional ride goes to Devonport (via takapuna), looping back around Cheltenham, narrowneck and crosses to bayswater. We then are looping out and head back to takapuna. Then we go to northcoate where we climb up Ocean view road, pupuke road, right onto Glenfield road and travel along to turn left at the top of Wairau road. Then into Sunset road, East Coast road, head down Forrest hill road. Past Westlake boys / Girls high school, Taharoto road, left up Killarney street, left onto hurstmere road, and back to Milford for the sprint finish. Approx 45km.  See the route for a more detailed view of the course and check out the profile. 

(2)The Bays “roller coaster” is travelling from the carpark along Beach road, all the way to County road, which we turn into and head up and then left onto Glenvar road, climbing up and regrouping as we come out onto East Coast road. We head along East Coast road, all the way back and then again follow down Forrest hill road, past Westlake boys, etc. finishing as route no (1) approx. 30Km  "Longer if we do a few laps of the lake first" See map for details"

(3) Cafe night: the course is shortened, and may be one or the other with some difference. Cafe night happens on the first wed of every month. After the end sprint, we head to Marsala cafe in takapuna, usually sitting outside and partake of their bargain $10 meals. A good way to get to know other riders and just relax. the course is shortened so that our Cafe night is not TOO late.

With the Advent of "Strava" this ride and others become benchmarks for "yourself". There are others on the ride to compete against, but comparing your self with this online program, tracks your progress. Segments of the rides are uploaded to strava, so you can also compare not only your own progress, but fellow riders for comparison. It all adds to the enjoyment.

My personal thoughts are that night riding is actually safer than riding during daylight hours. This I believe because we are lit up so well with lights we are much easier to see than riders during daylight hours, plus there is less traffic at night, and drivers are in a more relaxed frame of mind, having finished work and feeling less pressured about getting places. It’s always safer riding with a well lit group than by yourself, plus there are motivational benefits of group riding, and there is also much to learn from each other.

As a ride progresses, we wait for each other, no one gets left behind, but these “Knight” rides, being midweek rides are designed to give you a workout. The law states, You MUST have at least 1 front & 1 rear light, we recommend at least 2 of each, just incase the battery runs flat for be in the dark, and well unprotected. What's the cost of another light against the cost of your life?.

For more info, cancellations, ring or text, Gervase 027-283-1937

Saturday Ride

Saturday ride. We may have more than one. The regular group usually doing the devonport loop and it's interval based too. If a second ride is posted this may be a constant paced, Tempo ride. 

Please also check the starts (from) and times, just in case we head out from Milford carpark instead of the New Deli Cafe.

This ride is designed to compliment our Wednesday Knight Ride, that has been going since at least 2005. The Popularity of this ride is evident by the number of attendees each week.

This saturday ride therefore is designed to have sections of intensity, ie hills or sprint sections. The intervals give our cardio system a good workout, and coupled with constant riding between these "intense" intervals, will lift your ride performance faster than other rides. 

NOT all rides should be intense, quite the contrary, long moderate rides are very important too, increasing cycling economy and increasing the vascularity throughout the body, legs obviously mostly, as well as increasing fat burning. 

So individual riders will hammer sections and regroup once the section is over back with the rest of the riders. So like the Wed KR, this allows competition but the catch up's allow slower riders to catch up to the faster riders.

alot of the sections will be on Strava. Some are 1-2km TT's, Short & long hill climbs, and just sprint sections. 

You get what you give.

All good fun

Sunday Breaky

Sunday Breaky

Starts: from the corner of William Pickering, & Rosedale, just park in the car park, if this is your preferred option, or meet other riders as we leave from here at 7.15am every Sunday, but check the rides postings.

Duration: Usually 80-120km depending on what events we have ahead on our calendar, typically 100km, the ride is usually of a medium pace, average 22-25k, so rides are approximately 4 hours and a bit (100km). The concept of this ride, is endurance. Doing the Km’s builds endurance, and making sure that you do this at a comfortable pace ensures that you don’t over tax your body, (over train), putting in the time is probably just as important as the km’s? Moderate rides in the aerobic zone do a lot for your endurance and are the base of any good fitness program, especially for longer events of 100km’s or more. Once you have a good base, speed can easily be worked on as events come closer on your calendar, or by doing the regular, Albany loops or Wednesday Knight rides, which further develop the cardiovascular system with interval training.

However, some members will often, go hard on the hills, working a bit more at a level more suited to their personal needs, then often either doubling back to re join the group, or waiting at the top.

Real speed for longer races, comes with endurance training.

Course: This changes weekly, as we endeavour to make sure we don’t get into a comfortable rut with training. So the course is varied to maintain interest, and challenge our bodies. Please check the posting for the course of the day.

Breaky: When the ride finishes, we will breakfast at the New Deli Cafe, opposite the car park, where you can purchase a breakfast, Muffin, or just get a coffee. Or you can just say “bye, see you next time” if you prefer to spend your time elsewhere.

Philosophy: As with all our rides, our philosophy is that, we do not dictate to others how to “be” or what to do. We all share a passion for cycling, and as such we all want to enjoy it. The common courtesy displayed with in the group is that fast riders will often wait at certain points, for all riders to catch up and reassemble before we all carry on. Or natural doubling back occurs, where fast riders will head back down to meet slower riders at the bottom of a hill for example. In this way the fast riders get the extra training they require by often doing a hill more than once, and the slower riders will be accompanied, or encouraged by the comraderie that exists within the group. NO one gets left behind, and usually we stay together. There is no expectation to group together, this is just a natural occurrence for riders who enjoy the group riding.

Please remember, you are subject to the road rules as they apply to all users of the road. We do not tolerate unsafe cycling, ie. red light running, etc. as we feel we are ambassadors for the sport of cycling, and our group promotes safer cycling. The Law states that cyclists can ride 2 abreast, but we only practice this when on secluded roads, or in situations where we can pull in easily to allow motorists to pass unhindered.

For more info. Or cancellations, ring or text, Gervase 027-283-1937

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