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Kevin Barker: Any interest regarding the Okoroire Fun Ride?
CraigS: Is there a team discount code for Taupo?
Robert V: jasminesdad. Does the cabin have more than one bedroom? What is the nightly rate?
Robert V: jasminsdad. At this stage there is only me. I will check whats still available tomorrow.
jasminesdad: Cabin no 10 in Ahipara Robert, itís a good cabin, sleeps 4, Iíve had it for the past 4 years!
Robert V: jasminesdad. Where were you booked for accomodation? I still have to make my booking for Ahipara.
jasminesdad: Unfortunately I wonít make C2K this year, does anybody need accomodation? Let me know or iíll cancel.
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Might be attending "Deans West A/K Loop" (1)

dave l
RSVP'd: Jan 12th

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