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Chris's Ironman Effort
Category: NZ Cyclist News

Hi all, Chris here.

Just wanted to share a quick update on my Ironman Race on Saturday (March 2nd).  It was a great day and I had the best support crew out there.  I managed to finish in 14:06:59, way better than what I could have dreamed.

Swim 1:07

Bike 6:12

Run 6:25 (let's face it I'm not built to run!)

And some transition time to round it out to 14:06.

If you wanna read more I have been writing a blog on my journay it is

Thank you all for your support and encouragement, I hope to be back joining thos Sunday rides soon.


Cheers Chris


Source to Sea
Category: NZ Cyclist News

Arrived home in one piece. We assembled on the line in all our wet gear. Other than the rain, the weather was tolerable. I got into a nice bunch, and eventually the pack started working with the help of one rider. A few did not understand properly, and this created some tricky situations.

We were about 10km from Murchison when we got hit by a side wind. The group was split and nobody made an effort to close the gap. I went for it, hoping that I had some support, finishing up in no-mans land desperately trying to close the gap on my own.

Burnt, and on my own, eventually teaming up with a rider from Wanaka, we made the Greymouth turnoff. From here I struggled on my own with the very strong head and cross wind. I did however catch up to the Wanaka rider as he had stopped to fix his second puncture of the day about 2km from the line.

With the wind and the rain, the conditions did not make for an enjoyable ride. Time was approx 5hr 55min averaging 27kph


Cycling and Vegeterianism

Polar warranty/service
Category: NZ Cyclist News

I inherited Gervases polar cs 600 ,Speed battery warning came up so I replaced the battery ,it went flat overnight ,I fitted another and the same scenario,,,, I phoned Polar NZ and they sent me one under warranty '$99.00" in the shop" I could not get the unit to read the sensor, so rang them back today ,, 15 min later all sorted ,,Super impressed with their service and the warranty ! ,:-)


Raw Food Recipes
Category: Raw Food

Plantain, puha, self heal and bok choy with frozen bananas, berries, soaked almonds and a little soya milk.!/photo.php?fbid=194317484000491&set=a.118271034938470.19371.10Raw food 0002667233000&type=1&theater

Touring, 1st logging truck miss, overtaking a roadie, and overlooking the start to beautifull Gisborne Coast. ;

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